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The Märchen

1. The Frog King or The Iron Heinrich

2. Catz and Maus in Company

3. Marienkind (Mary's Child)

4. Nine-Pins and Card Game

5. Wolf and The Seven Young Dam-lings

6. Of The Nightingale and The Blindworm

7. Regarding The Stolen Heller

8. The Hand with The Knife

9. The Twelve Brothers

10. Das Lumpengesindel

11. Brüderchen und Schwesterchen

12. Rapunzel

13. Three Manlings in The Forest

14. Regarding The Cruel Flaxspinning

15. Hänsel und Gretel

16. HerrFix und Fertig

17. The White Snake

18. Strawstem Ember and Bean on Travels

19. Regarding The Fisher and His Wife

20. Regarding a Brave Tailor



21. Aschenputtel (Cinderella)

22. How Children Played with One Another at Butchering



23. Regarding The Mouse-let, Bird-let & The Bratwurst

24. Frau Holle (Mother Hulda)

25. The Three Ravens

26. Rothkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood)

27. Death and The Gooseherder

28. The Singing Bone

29. Of The Devil with Three Golden Hairs

30. Louse-let and Flea-let

31. Maiden Without Hands

32. The Clever Hans



33. The Booted Tom Cat

34. Hanses Trine

35. The Sparrow and His Four Children

36. Regarding The Tablechen-Set-Yourself, The Gold Donkey and The Stick-From-Sack.



37. Regarding The Serviette, The Knapsack,  The Canonhat-let and The Horn.

38. Regarding Frau Füchsin



39. Regarding The Wichtelmännern

I. Regarding The Schuster, Whose Work They Did

II. Regarding a Serving Maiden,

That Stood to Them Gefatter

III. Regarding a Woman, whose Child they Switched

40. The Robber Bridegroom

41. Herr Korbes

42. The Herr Gefatter

43. The Wonderly Guesting Manor

44. The Gefatter Death

45. The Tailors Daumerlings Wanderings

46. Fitchers Vogel

47. Regarding The Juniper Tree

48. The Old Sultan

49. The Six Swans

50. Dornröschen (Briar Rose, Sleeping Beauty) 1

51. Regarding Foundling-Bird 55

52. König Drosselbart (King Thrushbeard)

53. Sneewittchen (Schneeweisschen) (Snow White)

54. Hans Dumm

55. Rumpelstilzchen

56. The Dearest Roland

57. Regarding Golden Bird

58. Regarding The Loyal Godfather Sparrow

59. Prince Swan

60. The Goldegg

61. Regarding The Tailor Who Soon Became Rich

62. Bluebeard

63. Goldchildren

64. Regarding the Dummling

I. The White Dove

II. The Bee Queen

III. The Three Feathers

IV. The Golden Goose

65. Allerleirauh (Thousandfurs, etc.)

66. Hurleburlebutz

67. The King with The Lion

68. Regarding The Summer- and Winter- Garden

69. Jorinde and Joringel

70. The Okerlo

71. Princess Mouse-skin

72. The Birnli Will Not Fall

73. The Murder Palace

74. Regarding Johannes Wassersprung & Caspar Wassersprung

75. Bird Phoenix

76. The Carnation

77. Regarding The Carpenter and The Turner

78. The Old Grandfather and The Grandson

79. The Water Nymph

80. Regarding The Death of The Hen-let

81. The Smith and The Devil

82. The Three Sisters

83. The Poor Maiden

84. The In-Law-Mother

85. F R A G M E N T S

a) Snow Flower

b) Princess with The Louse

c) Regarding Prince Johannes

d) The Good Bandage

d) Alternate version printed in 1815 Vol II

86. The Fox and The Geese

1812 Appendix Additions in the 1812 Vol I

Printing Errors and Improvements