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From the  Bayerische Staatsbibliothek:

Title: Grotesken, Satyren und Naivitäten auf das Jahr 1806 : mit 11 Umrissen
Author / Editor: Falk, Johann Daniel
Publishing place: Tübingen | Year of publication: 1806
Call number: 1405534 P.o.germ. 347-1806 1405534 P.o.germ. 347-1806
Permalink: http://www.mdz-nbn-resolving.de/urn/resolver.pl?urn=urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb10107946 -5


My first attempts at translating below (very much unfinished)

Our Lord.

(Riding upon a donkey, that St Peter leads upon bridle.)

St Peter, speak, is you to hand

Not anywhere a smith known in this land?

Because our donkey looses his irons:

So we can not further ridens;

He is from way tired and beaten:

He hungers, and also we are not eaten.

[Land & hand rhyme well, as does beaten and eaten. One can tell that this is a beautiful story]

St. Petrus.

My Herr and Master, to this demand

Reigns the Anarchist in this land:

One knocks well on hundred doors,

Before on one is opends:

And are the pockets of money no klinking,

So no Apostle finds hearing.

[How to make klinking and hearing rhyme? Doors and opens is problematic]

Our Lord.

St. Petrus, so take your fishing gear,

And fish us some, or it will be too dear; 

My mouth demands an evening bread;

But all too sharp bites hungers-dread.

[gear & near, bread & dread are perfect]

St. Petrus.

O Herr, well would I of frustration

Already my pole in the river have shaken:

The Thüringen is a poor nation:

Therefore the fishers have forshaken:

They only care there in the stream to spring,

Where the Herrn Pather Kyrie Elison sing.


Our Lord.

So get us in other way glad:

I am from fasting all malad!

[glad & malad - good!]



Our Lord.

They will Gods children be. SEYN.

St. Petrus.

By them we will by night be. EIN.

[How to get SEYN and EIN to rhyme, etc?]

Our Lord.

Fails as I not notice, BEMERKE

Not our donkey the strength to be? STARKE

[How to get BEMERKE and STARKE to rhyme (strength and notice)? See the problems?]



The aforementioned. Smith Adam.


Journeyman fresh, journeyman fling!

Smithy me up the iron ring!

What? You want now to hold break?

There should the lightning and thunder the light


What is that by quenching bucket for a schwalger?

Why is there no pull in the bellowbager?

[fling and ring works well too]